Download and installation

for windows and now also macintosh and some linux distros, you can download a blender build which runs out of the box:(note: some users reported they needed to install Python 3.3.x to have the build running, but that's a rare case so far)

Windows builds, Linux and Mac builds:
Googe Drive repository

addon only - read lower on how to install it, it's not a regular Blender addon.

samples file:

you can download a file full of simple samples here. It shows how to set up most of the strategies.

After first start everything should be set up. If you don't see CAM tabs on the right side, go to preferences-addons and enable the Simplify curves addon and CAM addon. Also, if Blender CAM tabs don't show, change Blender Render to  Blender CAM in the upper header.

Other OS - various linux distributions:

you'll need:

  • download the addon itself
  •  Blender 2.76 (exactly this version, because of some changes in API)
  • Shapely python libraries - versions for Python3.4. , 32bit or 64bit depending on what blender version you use. 
  •  the addon (in the package)

what to do:

  • I recommend NOT to install blenderCAM in the same directory where you have blender if you use it for animation. BlenderCAM changes interface of blender, so it is good to have 2 blender installations in such case.
  • Install or unpack blender
  • Copy Shapely library binaries to blender's version of python to the directory YOURBLENDER\2.6X\scripts\modules
  • Copy the directory you find in the addon zip into blender directory, the dirs should merge, so that you get also config files.
  • Enable also addon 'Simplify curves', since BlenderCAM uses that as a library.
  • Enable the addon in the addon options in Blender
  • now you should see CAM addon tabs in the render section of property window.

detailed instructions for Mac OSX provided by Giovanni Bianchessi:

- Download:

Blender 2.69 32bit intel Mac


BlenderCAM installation for Win (of which we need only the “unittest” folder)

numpy-1.7.0 sources

Polygon-3.0.5 sources

- Expand all the archives

- Update Mac python to 3.3 (I don't know if it is really needed, but I did it)

- Run terminal and “cd” to the numpy dir

- compile sources typing “python build” (without quotes :-)another directory tree is created

- Run terminal and “cd” to the Polygon dir

- compile sources typing “python build” (without quotes :-)another directory tree is created

- In Finder, go into the Blender folder. Right click on the icon and from the menu choose “Show package contents”

- Open Contents/MacOS/2.69/python/lib/python3.3 folder

- Drag here the numpy-1.7.0/build/lib.macosx-10.6-intel-3-3/numpy folder created by compile process

- Drag here the Polygon-3.0.5/build/lib.macosx-10.6-intel-3-3/Polygon folder created by compile process

- Drag here the unittest folder from BlenderCam for Win installation files

- Open Contents/MacOS/2.69/scripts/addons

- Drag here the “cam” folder

- Run Blender and enable Simplify curves and Blender CAM addons

detailed instructions for GNU/Linux, mainly Debian based as K/Ubuntu, provided by Bernhard Braun:

New: you can use this convenience script by jonardaron, it should be able to download & setup for you:

This guide is written updated on 02.10.2014 31.01.2016 using Kubuntu 14.04amd64 and using the 0.8.0 0.9 camADDON.
You should be provided with all neccessary libraries except the libgeos library.
This is provided in the Kubutnu package repository and can be installed via apt-get install libgeos-3.4.2
This library is needed to compile the Shapley binaries needed by the Blender CAM addon to work up to 20 times faster then the Numpy binaries.
You will also have to use Python 3.4 since the 0.9 camADDON is using it.
So lets get to work :D

In this guide we assume the folder where all Source packages including the one from Blender are residing is the folder Download in your Home.
So the paths used will be /home/User/Download.
I will be using the wildcard for this path. For example the path to your compressed Shapley archive in /home/user/Download/Shapely-1.5.13.gz will be printed as */Shapely-1.5.13.gz.

For this installation we will need the files listed below. If you want to use newer or older Sourcepackages, it's your choice, pick what you want.

Blender64amd Blenderi686 
CAM addon
Numpy 1.7 Not needed in 0.9 anymore

Polygon-3.0.7 Not needed in 0.9 anymore
Shapely-1.4.3     Shapely-1.5.13
  1. Uncompress the downloaded Blender archieve
  2. Uncompress all other archieves
  3. cd */shapely-1.5.13
  4. Run sudo python3.4 build -> If you are through without errors you did everything wright ;)
  5. There should be a Folder created named Shapely
  6. Copy this folder and place it in */blender2.76b*/2.76/python/lib/python3.4/
  7. Do the steps 3 to 7 with Polygon and Shapely
  8. cd */blenderCAM_0.9
  9. Copy the folder config and paste it at */blender2.76b*/2.76/
  10. cd */blenderCAM_0.9/scripts/addons
  11. copy all the folders and pythonscripts and move them to */blender2.76b*/2.76/scripts/addons/
  12. cd */blenderCAM_0.9 scripts/presets
  13. Copy all three folders an move them to */blender2.76b*/2.76/scripts/presets/
  14.  Finally we will start blenderCAM from the terminal and watch the interesting log output
  15. cd */blender2.76b*
  16. ./blender
  17. Voila, her you go :D 
Have fun with blenderCAM and consider to make a donation for the developer. 


    1. WWWOOOWWW!!! This thing makes me smile infront of the screen :D
      Chapeu, bravo and applause ...
      Absoloutely stunning piece of work!!!

    2. Vilem, the 2.3 for "other OS" is broken.


    3. This thing looks awesome! I'd like to try it out for myself when I get home later. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 and I'm a bit confused about which version of Blender I will need. Your instructions say version 2.64, but the link actually leads to version 2.66. Should it be 2.66?

      1. Ah, thanks for noting this, I forgot to update the text. It should be 2.66, now it's fixed.

      2. Thank you Vilém! I'll be heading home in about 2-3 hours to see if I can get this going.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Hy Vilem.

      I compiled Blender-2.66a-linux-glibc211-x86_64 with numpy-1.7.0 and Polygon-3.0.5. The new 0.23cam extension and the folder /config is added.
      The subdirectories /scripts/presets/cam_* are also ported.
      It´s working fine. The interesting thing is, that it works on a 32bit and 64bit architecture under Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

      I can confirm, that it runs under

      1.) Ubuntu 10.04.04LTS_32bit with Kernel
      Linux 2.6.32-46-generic #108-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 11 15:55:01 UTC 2013 i686 GNU/Linux

      2.) Ubuntu and Kubuntu 12.04.2LTS_64bit with Kernel
      Linux 3.2.0-38-generic #61-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 19 12:18:21 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

      3.) Kubuntu and Ubuntu 13.04_64bit with Kernel
      Linux 3.8.0-19-generic#29-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 17 18:16:28 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64GNU/Linux
      with a small workaround.
      A shared libary is needed ->

      After "sudo make install" the libaries are installed at "/usr/local/lib". A softlink solves this problem "sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/libSDL* /usr/lib". If you want, you can also move them there "sudo mv /usr/local/lib/libSDL* /usr/lib".

      If you want to download the freschly compiled Version, give me a call at

      Have fun with it :D

      1. Sorry, the broken Link in my previous post under 2.) is

      2. Bravo bernhard!

        i can confirm that the blender file he sent me does work on ubuntu 12.04 - 64 bit!

        thank you!

        one more reason to not have to boot windows! :)

      3. Hy Christopher.

        You are welcome!
        Thank you for the laurels, but i am the second one who compiled succesfully ;)

        "one more reason to not have to boot windows! :)" -> You just made my day Chris :D
        That remembers me of an old commercial for "What can´t fly, can´t ..."

      4. Right now I am running BlenderCAM on my LinuxCNC 10.04 LTS 32bit machine (
        It works very well. Thank you.

      5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. For Mac OSX, YES, python 3.3 is very important. Polygon 3 will only build correctly with Python 3.x (as explained in Polygon.pdf), and Polygon 2 doesn't work in BlenderCAM. Python 3.3 also changed the build for numby. Building numby with Python 2.6 did not work.

      Also, make sure you set Python33 as the default, since OSX ships with older versions of Python that will be used during the build unless the default is changed. Here's the best way to change the default version of Python:

    7. Hi, I'm trying to get all of these files installed by am clueless as to how to do all these builds, where to extract them, etc
      is there a step by step guide for the totally clueless to install it in Ubuntu 13.04?

      1. Hello, did you try the linux build which is linked here? It should work out of the box - just unpack it and run blender, it should start with the addon. otherwise, the instructions are on this page, but they are not specific for ubuntu 1304...regarding that, try also to ask in the forum.

    8. The Windows 64 bit zip file for the combined Blender + 0.6.0 release contains the 0.5.0 BlenderCAM plugin (at least that's what the version is in the plugin config menu). I haven't checked the 32 bit zip.

      1. Hello, thanks for noticing this, however it's just that I forgot to upgrade the number in the plugin. So your version should be correct...;)

    9. Hi, I would like to do this, but am not experienced in installing libraries.
      Can someone expound on:
      install python 3.3 , install numpy and Polygon libraries
      Copy numpy and Polygon binaries to blender's version of python to the directory YOURBLENDER\2.6X\scripts\modules

      Sorry for my noobness.

      1. Wait, I see detailed instructions for Mac. Let me work on that.

      2. hello, mac version should run out of the box... no need to install anything if you download a mac package...

      3. Okay, that answered my next question. Thanks.

      4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Having problems installing, Running Win7 64.

      Installed Blender 2.67 to newly created folder [BlenderCAM]

      Installed Python 3.3.4 without any hitches, But could not install Numpy and Polygon until I had edited my registry so the downloaded numpy and polygon executables could find python. Got that finished and both installed without any problems.

      Copy/Pasted the numpy and polygon files (located in Python33\Lib\site-packages where they installed) into blenderCAM\2.67\scripts\modules.

      Drag/Dropped Contents of Addon Package, into BlenderCAM, no directory merge. Went deeper into the Addon Package and got directory merge at 2 levels down (\blenderCAM64\blender-2.69 finally merged) Removed superfluous drag/dropped folders.

      Opened Blender and config file had migrated successfully (layout looked the same as in the tutorial video) but the render settings shows original blender settings instead of CAM settings.

      Opened user preferences, Simplify Curves addon was on. Cam Addon was showing yellow triangle and will not turn on.

      What am I doing wrong?

      1. Hello,
        thanks for describing precisely.
        The only mistake which comes to me could be that libraries should be in blenderCAM32\blender-2.69\2.69\python\lib , not in scripts\modules. (however, I don't see a reason why blender couldn't find the libs there too...)
        Also, why don't you download the out-of-the-box working build? It should work on win7 64 bit, that is the configuration I am using for development.
        If you still encounter errors, run blender from the command line/terminal, to see the bugs it posts, most probably it really didn't find the libraries.

      2. Thanks for your help. The out of the box download isn't working either, and fails in the same fashion.

        Using the [Run blenderCAM.bat] gets me the command prompt saying this:

        C:\Program Files\blenderCAM64>blender-2.69\blender.exe
        Read new prefs: C:Program Files\blenderCAM64\blender-2.69\2.69\config\userpref.blend
        found bundled python: C:\Program Files\blenderCAM64\blender-2.69\2.69\python

        Traceback ,most recent call last.:
        File “C:\Program Files\blenderCAM64\blender-2.69\2.69\scripts\modules\”, line 298, in enable mod = __import__(module_name)

        File “C:\Program Files\blenderCAM64\blender-2.69\2.69\scripts\addons\cam\”, line 32, in from cam import utils, simple,polygon_utils,cam, pack#, post_processors

        File “C:\Program Files\blenderCAM64\blender-2.69\scripts\addons\cam\”, line 35, in import Polygon

        File “C:\Program Files\blenderCAM64\blender-2.69\2.69\python\lib\Polygon\”, line 5, in from Polygon.cPolygon import *

        ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

        Warning: addon-module 'curve_simplify'' found module but without __addon_enabled_field, possible name collision from file: 'C:\\Program Files\\blenderCAM64\\blender-2.69\\2.69\\scripts\\addons\\'
        module changed on disk: C:\Program Files\blenderCAM64\blender 2.69\2.69\scripts\addons\ reloading...
        (Sorry if I made any syntax errors, I think it's right, but had to type the above in manually)

        When I try to turn on the cam Addon in user preferences:

        it throws out the area from “Traceback, most recent call last: ... (through to) … DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

        Any way to fix this?

      3. Hello, 2 things:
        I don't know how does it come it doesn't work, I have exactly the same configuration, and just tested it - download, unpack to a separate directory, run the .bat file, it works....

        2nd - if you try to install the hard way - I just noticed I didn't update the version of blender in instructions - now blender CAM 0.7 runs with blender 2.69, and the version of python is 3.3

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Hi, how can I install an addon like this
      on "runs out of the box" version for Win64?
      Thank you!

      1. Hi,just like in standard blender:

    14. Where is this out of the box working build that you mentioned to Proxy Thotz back in February?

      1. should be in any of the links above on this page... any of them are non working for you?
        You just download and unzip the file, there you should find a file run_blenderCAM.bat.

    15. This is a hero!!
      Thank you! Blender engineers are your servants.

      Here my contributions for our free and open Linux world (download, update, build and setup script):

      1. thanks a lot! I appreciate all the help which comes from fellow users very much. I will put your link into the instructions.

    16. When I installed the windows 64 bit installer shown at the top of this post I ran into the "dll load" issue mentioned above upon running blendecam.The cam panel did not show and I was not able to enable the mentioned addons that were suggested as a fix. The fix for me was very simple, I downloaded and installed Python 3.3.5. Blendercam ran fine after that. The situation was the same on 2 separate computers (windows 8 and windows 7 pc's) Blendercam could not be used until I installed python3.4.3. I think suggesting installing python 3.3.5 with blendercam may save people some frustration. Note: I did not have to enable anything or download any python libraries.

    17. I mentioned installing python 3.4.3 in my previous comment, It should be 3.3.5.

      This appears to be a very nice piece of software. I have generated some gcode and run it in emulation and it seems to work fine. I should have a chance to test it on my cnc sometime soon.

      1. Thanks for your feedback.
        It's very interesting, I never ran into this issue. The thing is, blender has full python in it's directories, it's a big part of the download actually. But yes, maybe on some systems it doesn't run out of the box, so I will write this into recommendations, it might help....

      2. There is probably something in the python code or installer that points to C:\Python33. (I use python quite a bit and use inno to create installers, one line hidden in all that code can cause this). Check out my interests website when you get a chance:

    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. Hi, My name is Mehman and I use Blender more than 6 years. I d like to know how to work with BlenderCam, I installed and watched tuts, but understood nothing. I need only to know 3D milling, or making a 3D relief on woods. I used Artcam, but I really love Blender and want to use it forever on my machine. My machine is made by China and it uses NC Studio. Please help me, my email is and my machine work area size is 1300x2500 mm. Thank you for all You made for Blender Community.

    20. Thanks for the effort to offer the great tools!

    21. damn. i need something llike this but the install for mac is intimidating. boo hoo, where do i find that numpy thing and the python thing. looks awesome and i have a machine at my disposal...wanna use it. im confused as to whether there is a version i can download without the drag and drop complicated install process. i saw some comments that mention this but i dont have time right now.

      1. I forgot to update the link, but the Mac builds are also there with Linux and Windows builds, for the newest version ;), so just go for the first link on this page.

    22. On Kubuntu, installing libgeos with apt-get is not enough. You have to install the dev packages. Please add the directives:

      sudo apt-get install libgeos-dev
      sudo apt-get install python3-dev

    23. It seems the mac OS X version on the Google drive has a problem with the app. Not sure but I get a message that the app is corrupt.

      1. Sorry should have added it's Mac OSx 10.11.3 (El Capitan)

    24. Hi. I downloaded the Windows 64bit package for use on Windows 10. Couldn't get it to run. I have since copied the CAM addon into the correct Blender folder, also added the shapely folder based on the above comments and folder references.

      Installed Python 3.3.5 and made sure the environment PATH variable was set.

      Still getting an error on startup "Engine "Blendercam_Render" not available for scene 'Scene' (an addon may need to be installed or enabled".

      Anything anyone can think of that I can still try?

      Been using Blendercam for the past year. Absolutely brilliant development.

      Thank you so much for everyone's efforts.

      1. Same happened to me... "Engine Blendercam_Render not available for scene"
        tried both windows64 and windows32 version on Windows 8.1

        any sugestion?

    25. I have only played with the settings and done a few "test paths", so I can not give a fully "educated" statement. However this is an awesome project. thank you for taking this on.

    26. I have a CNC machine and are using Cut2D but have heard and read great things about Blender and want to install it. Weird thing is that it seems complicated to install. I don't really understand the instructions because it seems it involves coding or using the command prompt. Also, I see more than one exe file. Does someone have a simple, step-by-step for guys like me that need the extra clarification? ////_donner

    27. What does gradient attenuation do? I used different values there, but had the same results... and please tell , gradient mask means a silhouette mask?

    28. Just tried to download the full package for Mac from GoogleDrive but it disappears from the list every time I click on the package.
      Can you fix / reupload / share the package for macOS?
      Thanks in advance :-)

    29. Hello! I downloade from google drive the zip file for windows (mine is 7) but when i run blendercam (or yven blender 2.76 alown) it tels me that the file .dll 140 is missing from my computer. What i do wrong? (i'am not a performent gy in computers "thinks" jast a 3d modeler....
      Ps: i intaled the latest version of blender (2.78) and it warks fine....
      Wiche pacage do i take for blendercam?

    30. The link at "download the addon itself" is broken.

    31. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    36. Hello, I try to calculate path and I get a error message, see here:!category-topic/blender-cam-forum/support/TcAS67WRX5g.
      Can someone pease tell what that means?. I use El Capitan and

    37. Awesome, awesome, awesome! This dude makes the plugin that Blender should have long ago. It can get a lot of attention to blender from diy artists that use CNCs. There's a lot of them and they often are serious about 3D.
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      There is simply no way to install it. I cannot waste the little time I have left trying to install something that, perhaps, does not work.

    56. Are there any plans to make BlenderCam work under Blender 2.8x? What is needed for developemt? I cant code, but I can support if it will be active.


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