1. Now we can have a chat by a cup of tea :D

    Very nice!

    1. not yet :) I have disabled it, since I suspect the nabble forum which I put here would be full of advertisments within a month. Will try to get something else.

    2. I´ve been cheered to soon :(

      Ok, i will wait until the new one is online :)

      Have you tried this one?

      or this one?

      or that one?

      I´ll check out the MotoGP :D

    3. hm those either need hosting or are paid. This site currently is on I can't host some php or similar, and I don't want to embed to different site where I would get hosting e.t.c.
      I think google groups is good for now, it is safe, works, no annoying ads, and blogspot is google too, so at least it's the same company.

    4. Blender Cam: Forum >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Blender Cam: Forum >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Blender Cam: Forum >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK qq

  2. Ok, that's a solution i think people can live with :-D

  3. Hey Guys!

    Good work. I'm a little bit confused about where the GCODE ends up. PM me if you want to talk about a commercial grade CAM project I have for MAC OSX. My company needs some help with it! Are you guys game? Ultimately, you will never have a right to sell this software, because it's graphics engine is Blender. So, in terms of making any money with this, you are not going to. If you guys want to join my project, message me. I have investors and some capital to push a CAM project.

    julianmerghart VOIDSPAM @ gmail VOIDSPAM .com

    1. Hello,
      Actually there is not more than 1 developer now, and that is me. GCODE ends up in the same folder where you save your .blend file with the project.
      regarding commercialisation, I am actually getting donations for the project. It's rather symbolic, but in longer time, I hope the time invested will return. Also, Blender license doesn't prohibit commercial addons, so I COULD do this commercialy, but you know, I'm all into that open source bullshit ;)
      hope you enjoy using Blender CAM ;)

  4. I made a small donation but cant get link for download so far-how to contact Vilem Novak?

    1. Hello, Thanks for your donation.
      I am doing everything manually here, so it takes time until I send emails and also update the donations list.
      I sent you the email also with the link.
      I recommend you to delete your email from here, so you don't get spammed ;)

  5. Hello Vilém,
    I realize this is probably not the best place to post this but it is the only place I could log in. First off thank you for all the work you have done with BlenderCAM it it amazing how far it has come in the last few years. I have 2 small things that may help or be of interest to the further development of BlenderCAM.
    I have tried to improve the chip load calculation in /blender-2.70a-linux-glibc211-x86_64_CAM_0.8.0/2.70/scripts/addons/cam/. _init_py Not very successfully but maybe some one can improve upon it. See code snippet at the end of the post.
    The second thing is a suggestion for the gcode optimization on my word-press site I have see "Link to NC Curve Fitting Article" a paper describing the maths behind taking and fitting points to arcs within a tolerance to make smooth arcs out of the faceted curves we get from 3d models built with triangles like we have in blender. If we are able to come up with something like this it should really help cut down on the lines of code required to cut curved shapes and make the machine motion significantly smoother giving us a much better finnish or allowing us to cut faster. Both the maths and the Python are well beyond my abilities but I think just from looking at the Gcode produced this may be implemented and written in python in the gcodetools the inkscape plugin. It may be worth having a look save reinventing the wheel if possible.

    Thanks again Linden,

    link to article
    link to gcode tools website
    link to gcode tools source

    code snippet

    ###New chipload with chip thining compensation.
    # I have tried to combine these 2 formulas to compinsate for the phenomenon of chip thinning when cutting at less than 50% cutter engagement with cylindrical end mills.
    # formula 1 Nominal Chipload is " feedrate mm/minute = spindle rpm x chipload x cutter diameter mm x cutter_flutes "
    # formula 2 (.5*(cutter diameter mm devided by dist_between_paths)) devided by square root of ((cutter diameter mm devided by dist_between_paths)-1) x Nominal Chipload
    # Nominal Chipload = what you find in end mill data sheats recomended chip load at %50 cutter engagment. I have no programming or math back ground.
    # I am sure there is a better way to do this. I dont get consistent result and I am not sure if there is something wrong with the units going into the formula, my math or my lack of underestanding of python or programming in genereal. Hopefuly some one can have a look at this and with any luck we will be one tiny step on the way to a slightly better chipload calculating function.

    self.chipload = int((0.5*(o.cutter_diameter/o.dist_between_paths))/(math.sqrt((o.feedrate*1000)/(o.spindle_rpm*o.cutter_diameter*o.cutter_flutes)*(o.cutter_diameter/o.dist_between_paths)-1)))

    1. Hi Linden,
      Thanks a lot for your post. This is very valuable for me. I will use your formula for chip thinning, since so far the formula in Blender CAM was very simple, you saw it for yourself.. :)
      I will also look into the article and code, and will see if I am able to adapt this for Blender CAM.
      It could indeed be great to have such a fitting algorithm, the machine motion is such an important element for productivity... I will try to implement it, and well, will see if it is in my capacity. I would also respond to you on mail, but google doesn't show me your mail neither now and I don't want to put my mail here.. could you send me your contact to this mail: ? it is my "spam" mail so I can show that off here for a short time....
      Thanks a lot

  6. Is it possible to use a source image that is somehow masked to process only part of it for path generation? So far I've tried transparency for that region but there is a planer path generated for the area at maximum depth.

    1. Hello, for image operation, cropping is available. It can be combined with limit curve. so, cropping saves also memory, curve just limits the operation, but doesnt reduce computation time. Hope in next version it will be so that also limit curve will reduce computing time .

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  8. Is this plugin still being maintained? See the last update on the github repo was in 2016?

  9. I have the same question. Is this add-on still functional? And blender 2.8 will be coming out soon so what about then?

  10. Sadly they destroyed Blender with the 2.8 remake.. nothing works anymore.. neither does blendercam-2.8_beta

  11. You can still use 2.79 with blendercam. Just run a dedicated blender for blendercam.

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