Saturday 25 January 2014

Blender CAM 0.7.0

Pack curves on sheet example

New release!

What is new:
  • custom cutter shapes. With exact mode, only convex are supported. 
  • limit curve - you can now limit any operation with a curve.
  • limit curve and ambient have now an option, whether the cutter stays inside completely, or reaches the limit with it's tip.
  • Pack curves on sheet - this helps a bit to save material. The algorithm is slow by now, but provides relatively good results
  • Code for this version was completely reorganized and there are many internal changes. 
  • Please test and report any bugs you encounter, there might be some tricky things.
  • some more speedups in both modes.
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Big part of work for n-axis was done, but it is not visible in UI. I cannot test the code, so I don't want to release anything. also other things are wip.
    limit curve used on an operation 
  • All the code was separated into libraries. I wanted it to be more readable, and also would like to invite more coders to join.
As always, big thanks to:
as always, thanks to:

  • Bernhard Braun and Giovanni Bianchessi for linux & mac builds
  • GaĆ«l Rosset for extensive reporting of bugs
  • everybody who posted feedback or donated
this help is essential for the project, I don't have time to test everything properly, and donations help me to save some extra time.

Also, new tutorials coming soon! and more surprises ;)