Wednesday 19 June 2013

Blender CAM release 0.4.0 is out

Because some things were finished, and also, some serious bugs were fixed, here comes the new version.
  • Background operations - this saves your precious time and enables you to use more cores. You can continue working on other operations while computing in background. You have to save your file before sending operations for background computing. status of computations is in upper info bar in blender. 
  • Helix entry for pocket - experimental. 
  • Retract arc for pocket - experimental too. Both aren't made if there is no space for them.
  • First down option for cutout paths - this goes all layers down on one contour, then goes to the next one.  a condition for ramp down and out.
  • Ramp down cutout operation - experimental - ramps down based on layer settings
  • Ramp out - goes on along the outline, good if you don't want to leave a mark after the tool finishes and leaves material on same spot.
  • A lot of cutter and operation presets, all made by Bernhard Brown
  • improved path filtering, files are smaller now
  • a lot of small tweaks and fixes in the UI
Also, a very serious bug got a fix now... it occured when more than 2 layers were used, and there were sharp jumps in the path.

also made 2 videos, background operations and doing a simple cutout operation with the new options. Sorry, without commentary, no time for that now, but there are key strokes and mouse buttons recorded, so they can serve as a simple tutorial...

Monday 17 June 2013

Serious bug found today

today I confirmed a bug which was reported by Juan-Carlos Furest on the forum. It causes plunges deeper than a layer step down(!) when the slope of the object is high or 90 grades.
I am sorry for this bug and will try to fix it as soon as possible, hopefully today.
Also, then I will try to release new version .