Friday 25 January 2013

0.2.1 update

Some important bugfixes:

  • fixed sorting with layers - was upside down!
  • fixed sorting with layers + protect vertical
  • waterline fixed a bit and support for layers added(basically a pocket operation for full silhouette or bounding rectangle on layers thresholds)

download links on download page updated.

Monday 21 January 2013

Update - version 0.2

    new sort
old sort
I want to apologize to any testers. If you made a new file and didn't start with the one with samples, you would end up with empty paths. It was a bug I didn't notice, because it's only with new files(I use my testing files).
    new sort
old sort
new features:
  • path sorting - much better than it used to be, also for parallel and cross paths, when using ambient behaviour: Around. Not thorough tested yet. The algorithm seems to behave just too good to be true, especially when combined with stay low option.
  • parallel step back - a feature when roughting and finishing in one run - it can do climb cutting in distance of 2x distance between paths, and then run back 'conventionally', where almost no cutting anymore happens. So the time of the cutter going back is used 
     or finishing.
  • optimized offsetting algorithm - 5-50%speedup(still terribly slow, but hey, if you make things really stupid and slow working, then you really enjoy them getting faster)
  • optimized path optimisation - huge speedup with pocket and similar - 2x-10x speedup
  • 'stay low' has been reworked.
  • 'add new operation' option, now it always did a copy of active operation if there was allready some
    bugs fixed:
  • outline optimization worked really bad, was Polygon library internal algo, now uses blenders simplify curves for all optimisation.
  • The previous version had a bug where nothing would work properly if export wasn't set to exr images.. sorry for that, that means nothing actually worked! In my tests everything was fine, but just because I had allready prepared testing files.
  • in fact a lot of background was overhauled, so I am still looking for bugs. The new path sorting required a substantial recode of big parts of the whole script.
  • exporters, exporters, exporters! - there are still no donations, nor feature requests, so I am still a bit talking to myself here, and don't know if ppl want actually some other exporters. I use mach3 so far.
known bugs:
  • pencil doesnt work at all really yet.It's a skeleton of some future better code.not hard to make something of it, but currently no motivation.
  • where I wasn't certain, things are still marked experimental.

Sunday 13 January 2013

Small but important update:

Download files have been updated.

  • Finally, milling directions are there for these strategies: parallel, cross, block, spiral, pocket, cutout strategies. I got motivated by breaking a valuable cutter :). I would also like to implement some kind of feeds and speeds calculater for this purpose, and maybe use it in future to change feedrate dynamically. Any hints?
  • Inside out or Outside in for block and spiral strategies
  • better pocket paths ordering (longer path but at least can be used)
  • market as experimental strategies which are not really ready

Thursday 10 January 2013

Update and first tutorial


  • separate win32 and win64 builds available and separate addon download
  • fixed waterlines a bit, still not really good
  • experimental pencil strategy added
  • exporter background for other exporters added, not yet functional

Monday 7 January 2013


Today a new version was uploaded.
Mainly, many bugs were fixed.
new features:

  • Simulation. This is not well tested yet, but seems to work.
  • Image crop and offset work well now. Good for milling big reliefs in tiles.
  • between 5 - 50 % faster thanks to faster image conversion from blender
Simulation example:

first tutorial is coming soon.