Monday 30 September 2013

Blender CAM 0.6.0

simulated chain parallel + pencil operations
What is new:
  • chain operations - this is useful to export more operations in 1 file and to do simulation of more operations in line - to see e.g. roughing and also finishing
  • bridges for cutout operation. This is automatic by now, manual placement is on todo. Bridges don't work well together with ramping options yet.
  • some essential fixes - undercut problem with stay low option, protect vertical fix
  • pencil strategy has been updated. This is still very experimental, but I think for artistic use it might be allready tested (mainly cleanup of edges when doing reliefs, which is what I use it for) 
  • on the coding side, a lot comments were added.
  • automatic bridges for cutout operation
  • Blender version has been updated to the latest version.
as always, thanks to:
  • Bernhard Braun and Giovanni Bianchessi for linux & mac builds
  • Gaël Rosset for extensive reporting of bugs
  • everybody who posted feedback or donated
this help is essential for the project, I don't have time to test everything properly, and donations help me to save some extra time.


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