Monday 16 January 2023

Sunday 17 January 2016

Blender CAM 0.9.0 release

Finally, a new release!

I know the waiting has been long, and those who were in need of the updates, started allready using the version of Blender CAM from github.
There are many fixes, and many improvements, and also, many new features

this list is not really showing pictures, and also not everything that is in the release, but now, there are more people cooperating on the docs so I hope, the pictures will make it soon to the wiki pages which now grow quite fast on the Github wiki:
big thanks for the wiki go to Jeff Doyle,who started this new documentation project.

larger features

V-carve test by Jeff Doyle
  • Polygon library was replaced with shapely library completely. This was a huge task, touching almost all areas of blender CAM. 
  • OpenCAMlib support by Karol Suprynowicz
  • manual bridges placement - now you can define bridges with a group of curves.
  • auto bridges placement was improved
  • medial axis strategy - you can use this for V-carving and Ball-carving(not sure if that's the right name, but enables you to use the ball cutter for the same task).
  • projecte curve strategy - this is a complex strategy that enables undercuts. Some docs will be needed.
  • Intarsion tool modifies curves to be suitable for intarsion - the resulting shape can be cut inside/outside and will fit.
  • Overcuts tool - this is experimental, adds simple overcuts to the curve object, good for fast setting up of slots. 
  • several new postprocessors, most of them by new contributors!
  • 4 axis code is enabled in experimental features, but it's still heavy WIP, and is released mainly to get more people communicating about it!

small features:
  • experimental features can be switched off in addon preferences.
  • curve remove doubles operator
  • Denver Hull commited a patch which adds operation start-stop points and fixed some unit problems
I probably forgot a lot of what was done.

to all contributors, to people who communicated on the forums, who helped by donating money, to anybody using blender CAM :)

and SORRY to those I forgot to mention here. And to those to whose e-mails I forgot to reply...

Enjoy using BlenderCAM and stop by on github on the forum to let us know about bugs or your ideas.

Sunday 27 September 2015

New tutorials and Youtube playlist

several new tutorials.

After a long time, finally I have time to devote to Blender CAM too.
there are a few new tutorials on various aspects, the target is to do very short tutorials for single features, so users can watch specifically what they need to learn, sort of a documentation in the form of videos.
Also, I created a youtube playlist for my and other users tutorials. I will add all tutorials I find on youtube to the playlist. BIG thanks to everybody for creating the videos!

Did you create a tutorial and I didn't link it - let me know!

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Bas relief code opensourced !!!!!

This is good news for everyone I hope,
the target of 2000 Euro has been reached in approximately one year of time.

BIG THANKS to all supporters of Blender CAM. The donations definitely helped giving me time for improvements and fixes of Blender CAM in various areas, so yes, all of you out there really helped making this software what it is now.

I hope everybody enjoys the addon.

I hope the user base of the software grows even more in the future, as well as group of people who contribute code and help making Blender CAM better and better.

and yes, the addon can be found in github repository:

and will be part of the next release of course.

Friday 13 March 2015

moving codebase to github

google code announced it's quitting. I have to move my projects,and as some people and also google suggested, the target place is github.
The new repository will be here:
I will also try to carry over commit rights somehow.

With this, I want to say big thanks to Google for hosting the files at least for some time. Sometimes, this seems like a normal thing that you get hosting for free,  but I'd say it definitely isn't.
so, thank you , Google.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Google drive sharing

Today, not sure how,
the access privileges to the download files were changed. A weird thing on the drive... Because I wasn't even online during the day. I changed the access rights back to everyone so downloads should work again.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Blender CAM on Blender Conference

Blender CAM will be presented next friday on the Blender Conference.
If you are going there, stop by. I will be there wanting to discuss anything related. I will also present some videos I did on the projection which will happen also there.

see the conference schedule here, the talk is on friday at 14:30 :