Thursday, 10 October 2013

Looking for a 4 or more axis machine

For development purposes of BlenderCAM and my personal artistic projects,
I am looking for sponsors, who would donate any functioning machine, which has more than 3 axes.
The machine would be used mainly to develop BlenderCAM for more axis milling.

Note: I could do also with a robot arm! ;)


  1. Could you add a 4th rotating axis to your existing machine? That's what I plan on doing to my machine.

    1. I couldn't for these reasons - I need a well working 3 axis machine to use it for the reliefs I do. The cnc control I have to it is for 3 axis only, so the investment into an extra rotational axis+new control+refitting machine for something else doesn't pay off for me...

    2. I think you might not need to refit the machine. There are many 4th axis addition on ebay which you can screw to your table. Not sure about the controller, depends on how your controller works, but I guess it might be possible to add another (simple?) controller just for the 4th axis and keep the current to control xyz.

  2. As a controller I recommand: "CNC USB CONTROLLER MK2" from Is cheap and supports up to 9 axis!

  3. Hello there. I think you're doing a great job with BlenderCAM. If you're interested to raise some founds for further BlenderCAM development them go to read about Crowdfunding. It's kind of funding that involve peopel around the world who appreciate your work. There are also website which allow to create your own crowdfunding campaigns:,, etc. If you will have any questions about that then feel free to ask.

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