Monday, 12 August 2013

Blender CAM 0.5.0

What is new:
  • Exact mode is now faster by around 25-30 %
  • support for text objects - they kind of worked in some situations but that was a coincidence! :) Now text is properly supported.
  • default threshold for optimisation was lowered, the new algorithm works better with that
  • Waterline with layers was fixed, now waterline works much more like in other CAM programs. It is however still experimental feature!
  • Drill paths now support transformations of the source curve object
There are not so many changes as usual, but I'm kind of running in summer-mode ;)

Support this project by:

  • sending feedback on forum
  • posting images of your work on the forum
  • learn python and start developing with me
  • send some money

Big thanks go to:

  • Bernhardo Braun and Giovanni Bianchessi for release builds Linux/Mac
  • everybody who donates, reports bugs on the forum and posts feedback


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