Tuesday 2 April 2013

update 0.2.2

new stuff:
  • Initial emc support. I studied some other gcodes finally, but they are not there yet :) .  Also, I don't have a way to test emc file yet
  • circle strategy added
  • ported to blender 2.66 (some api changes and library builds)
  • machine bounds are displayed now


  • Fixed operation depth, when the specified depth was deeper than actual object depth - I made it to respect the user's choice, not limiting it to the depth of object or material. (this is based on my own use case)
  • Fixed spiral path - insideout option and conventional movement were behaving wrong.
  • counter clockwise spindle direction for block and spiral strategy fixed.
Otherwise I did a lot of other background work , which is not visible yet. I made a better 3d silhouette algorithm, but it only works in some cases well, so I still have to work on int. Also working on better collision code.

Download links are updated now.


  1. Vilem,

    I'm very excited about this project. Especialy now that there is some effort into EMC! I will definitely test it extensively and help you flush out any bugs on our EMC setup.

    I have tried 2.1 and 2.2 on windows and linux without luck.

    When i start, cam is not enabled.

    When i try to enable it in preferences, i click the check box to enable, and it will not turn on.

    All other addons let me enable. Just not the cam addon.

    Any idea how to get past that?



    1. Ah! 32 bit allows me to enable the addon. 64 bit wont let me.

      my system is definitely 64 bit...

      glad i got in :)

    2. in windows that is. 32 bit works & 64 not.

    3. I am sorry I probably didnt check the 64 bit build properly. I will have time on weekend to fix it...

    4. Hello, I fixed this. The current .zip files didnt contain blender config files. So, they were working after enabling the addon, but it was confusing, sorry for that.

    5. Great project! Thank you.
      I made it work on my iMac (OS X 10.8.3) after some little code modifications in the "import" zones.
      Blender CAM works well.

      I used Blender 32 bit because 64 bits version give some errors like "R_LAYERS undefined" on the line 610 or "VIEWRE undefined" of the utils.py file.

    6. Giovanni, that sounds amazing, you are probably the first person who managed to run BlenderCAM on MAC. Could you maybe provide some details how you did it?
      Thanks, Vilem

    7. Now I repeated the full process from scratch and I see that no more code modifications are needed.
      Maybe the cleanup of old python versions on my iMac had made it simpler :-)

      So I give you the list of todos:

      - Download:
      Blender 2.66a 32bit intel Mac
      BlenderCAM installation for Win (of which we need only the “unittest” folder)
      numpy-1.7.0 sources
      Poligon-3.0.5 sources

      - Expand all the archives
      - Update Mac python to 3.3 (I don't know if it is really needed, but I did it)

      - Run terminal and “cd” to the numpy dir
      - compile sources typing “python setup.py build” (without quotes :-)
      another directory tree is created

      - Run terminal and “cd” to the Poligon dir
      - compile sources typing “python setup.py build” (without quotes :-)
      another directory tree is created

      - In Finder, go into the Blender folder. Right click on the blender.app icon and from the menu choose “Show package contents”
      - Open Contents/MacOS/2.66/python/lib/python3.3 folder
      - Drag here the numpy-1.7.0/build/lib.macosx-10.6-intel-3-3/numpy folder created by compile process
      - Drag here the Polygon-3.0.5/build/lib.macosx-10.6-intel-3-3/Polygon folder created by compile process
      - Drag here the unittest folder from BlenderCam for Win installation files

      - Open Contents/MacOS/2.66/scripts/addons
      - Drag here the “cam” folder

      - Run Blender and enable Simplify curves and Blender CAM addons

      That's all. I hope it helps.
      If you need, I could send to you all the folders ready to "plugin" in Blender's folder tree.

      P.S. please eventually fix my broken English

    8. Thanks a lot for your effort, and also for your today's donation ;) I will copy paste your instructions to the download/install page. Maybe it would be nice to actually pack the whole working build and upload it somewhere. Some people just don't actually know what a python library means and where to put it, that's also why I put online whole zip packages with everything enabled...Blender interface is hard enough for people starting with it :) If you just zip your whole .app folder and send it to me, it would be great.

  2. Vilem,

    The main thing i'm looking for is cutting/pocketing clean circles.

    Any other open source CAM software converts circles into tiny steps. This makes very long run times. I have seen that .ngc files for Linux CNC can specify a coordinate with a radius and arc length around that point.

    Have you considered this approach in any of your machining methods?

    1. I have thought about using more advanced cam commands for arcs and circles. But the current way of doing offset polygons doesn't allow me to analyze what parts of the path are arcs, so I can't do it now. I think that using other algorithms for offsetting paths can help with that, but I can't see when that could happen. But - you can now specify circle detail in optimisation options. That can either speedup the calculation, or increase precision on the other side.

    2. http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Simple_LinuxCNC_G-Code_Generators#Rectangular_Circular_Pocketing_Generator

      check out this project for some working code examples.

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