Monday, 11 March 2013

Development resumed

I returned from the trip and the development efforts will start again.
I want to THANK tho those who donated, it was a pleasant surprise and a good motivation to go on with the efforts. I also want to reply to the emails I got, as soon as possible.
My plans, regarding to what people wrote me, are these:

  • Bring Blender CAM up to date with newest blender
  • EMC exporter
  • imperial units support
  • tutorial on sizes and units in Blender CAM


  1. Hello, you're translating for Blender this cam?
    Or do you write a new one?

    1. Hello, cnctoolkit is for 3d studio max and is dependent on it. I looked at it and it can not be used with blender, so yes, this addon is completely newly written code.

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