Sunday 3 February 2013

Development on hold for 1 month - february

I am going to travel a bit, so the development will be on hold for some time, 
The current version 2.1 is quite stable and working nicely in most cases.

There's still need for tutorials, if anybody is working with the add-on, I will be glad to see some. 

Next steps in development will be finishing exact silhouette algorithm, later doing better collisions generally, afterwards probably some path optimisations, like various options for entering material e.t.c. or completely new strategies.

Any form of feedback is welcome, I will respond as soon as I can.


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  2. Hi there! loving the addon! will you be implementing EMC export in the near future?

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting.
      EMC exporter is one of the priorities, I want to also convert my machine to work with emc, not mach...;) still on my trip now.

  3. Is your cnc a home built machine?

    Are you looking for help with the project?

    i'm very familiar with blenders interface, and currently learning python.

  4. Hello, thanks for your offer. My machine is a cheap bought machine, it's kk1000s from cnc4all. it works currently with mach3, i am planning to switch to EMC.

    What would help me: basically anything which is written in the coding todo, but mostly probably help with exporters. I am not too familiar with Gcodes, and there are currently no initialisation gcodes in the export. If you would find out some preset values for that, that would help.

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