Wednesday 24 April 2013

update 0.2.3

this update fixes some bugs, and mainly has improved exporters.
I also decided to release it because I plan some bigger changes which will still take some time. Please test and report if things don't work.

list of changes:

  • object transforms - scale and rotation are now properly respected.
  • when cutting from curves, hierarchical sort now works with the on-line option.
  • fixed a bad bug with circles strategy - could loop parts of path absolutely wrong.
  • experimental Heidenhein exporter, first version of postprocessor library, I hope it will become better with time. Needs testing all exported files again!
  • support for imperial units - I can't check if this is actually right, can somebody confirm? It simply converts to inches, also saves units as part of machine setup

Big thanks to everybody who donated to the project!

Also, there is now a Mac build for download on the download page.

What is a big success is that the bullet collision library can now be accessed from python to detect collisions :) this is great news, although coding these changes took me a lot of time. I hope you can see the effect of this improvement in the next version of Blender CAM.


  1. Thank you for new version!

    On my Mac it works well, but when I changed "sampling raster detail" to 0.01mm, Blender crashed.
    (file sample.blend, CAM operation "sorting").
    It is a very little size, but I let you know.

    I was playing around "cutout" operation: I think it could be useful to have an offset parameter to cut the shape a little larger (or smaller) when the cut is set to "inside" or "outside"
    Now I used the trick of setting the tool diameter larger than what it really is.

    1. Hello, sampling raster detail should be limited regarding to object size, i know that :( just didn't have time to code this yet. It actually gets out of memory if it is too small, take it as a resolution in an image. I usually don't get with it below 0.03mm, and that one I do only with small objects. Next version will have a precision mode which is based on a collision library...

  2. Hey Giovanni, if you go to the CAM Operation Area and look for where it says Ambient: All, click on "All" and select "Around" you will then be allowed to add your offset, I have not tried negative offsets but I know for a fact that positive offsets work great. I use a 5mm offset when Roughing and a 3mm offset for Finish tool paths, then I use the Cutout with a 1mm offset.

  3. Hi Jacob, I set Strategy: cutout, Cut: outside, Ambient: around, Ambient radius: 5mm, ... 3cm ... 10cm, but I always obtain an offset equal to the tool radius.
    Only changing the tool diameter make the offset change.
    Maybe I did not well understood what you mean.

  4. Hi Giovanni yes I see what you are talking about now, I never thought about the offset you are talking about till you mentioned the bit size compensation. Yes having an offset option would be nice that's for sure;).

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