Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Time for art.

I spent some time doing my art, which is still my priority. Behold the battle with the cars!
There are some little updates in the code, but still far from next release.
Main improvement is in contour processing, where you can now choose to ramp down continously around the contour, and set 'first down' option for cutting more contours - this enables to cut things out of sheet of material one by one even if you use layers.
ramp contour and first down option examples


  1. Love your work. Hopefully will get a chance
    to run some code on my works machine soon (Anilam).
    Any chance of incorporating your bas-relief node in a release?
    Regards, Tony

    1. hello, I doubt I will be able to incorporate the old patch into current svn blender... The compositor code was reworked completely since I wrote the patch. Maybe I will find some time to re-compile again for some older version of blender, where it would work , but I can't promise anything since I'm trying to get the cam addon to a good level currently.

  2. Very nice :D
    Want to have it!!!

  3. Beautiful work!

    Was that sculpted or extracted from a raster image?

    1. It was created as 3d scene, then converted to bas-relief image. This was then used in blenderCAM as image source.

  4. Man that looks great Vilem! What bits are you using and is there much hand finishing with such a creation? I really want to do some bas-relief soon!

    1. Hello jacob.
      This is actually the first one which came out with a really smooth surface without any hair. I used 8mm end mill for roughing with 1.5 mm skin and 3mm ball for finishing with 0.25 mm stepover. The only error is the vertical line caused by the moving of the piece - my machine is smaller than the piece, so I had to go in 2 rounds, and the wood did actually bend during the process(not dry enough), and that's what caused the imprecision. The bending was also the reason why I chosed a skin so thick - I knew it will bend a bit, otherwise probably 0.5mm would be enough. Also, the wood is mahagony in this case, and that behaves very different from european woods.

    2. and also forgot to mention: Finishing pass spindle speed was 25000 rpm, which seemed to do the clean surface

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